Half way through BT contract (Full Fibre)

I'm at the mid way point of a 24 month contract on Full Fibre and just missed City Fibre availability in my area by a few months when I signed up. With the impending proce increase, are there any options other than to sit out the term?


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    Why not phone them and see? Even if you are mid way in a contract. I've done that before and they have switched me to another contract, without making me pay anything extra.

    They still have your business that way and they'd rather try to help than lose customers. There's absolutely nothing to stop you at least trying to get yourself a better deal - the phone call's free. Nothing to lose.
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    With the impending price increase, are there any options other than to sit out the term?

    Leave and pay an early termination charge
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    Prices generally drop over time, there's enough competition in the marketplace.  If you're halfway through, I'd look for a deal once that is coming to an end.
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    We were with BT on standard fibre in a contract and chose to move to a full fibre contract (moving from 66MBps to 1000MBps guaranteed up and download). We paid an exit fee of around £300 i.e. the remainder of our BT contract. They won't let you out of it unless it's an upgrade within BT (I don't know what City Fibre is I'm afraid). If it is, then call them and ask. If not, then weigh up whether it's worth paying the penalty to get out of the contract and entering the new one. For us, given our needs, it was worth it. 
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