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Digging My Way Out Of This Mess



  • Squirrelz92
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    Hiii, I have just finished reading your diary and what a whirlwind! You are doing ever so brilliantly trying to conquer the debt by yourself without any proper heartfelt support. I am so sad to read that your partner has that sort of attitude to life :( Breaks my heart knowing you are trying sooo hard and throwing everything you have to make your life better whilst he couldn't care less (sorry if i spoke out of turn...I have been in your shoes and thankfully freed myself from them and I have been soo much better for it since). I am 1000% rooting for you all the way! Have bookmarked your diary and look forward to following your journey. Keep positive!!! xx
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  • diggingmywayout
    payday been and gone and normal payments made to all debts this month - earnings from work are going up month on month as my commission is kicking in (at long last).  next months pay cheque is bigger again so its starting to take off the pressure a bit with me being able to manage everything plus pay off stuff from debt every month with some left over.  

    I checked my experian report a few days ago as i had a feeling that most of my debts had now fallen off my credit report and im right - just 2 showing now.  ive also had 2 debts that have changed hands in the last month again so ive taken it as an opportunity to send out the 'prove it letter' again.  who knows if they dont have it I may be able to write off some as unenforceable - its not that im going to take out credit again (never going to touch it again in my liftime).   3 deftaults left - earlies falling off jan of next year then march 24 and then the last one mid 25.  my credit file wont really improve till my ccj falls off in 27 but its all progress. 

    should have 300 left this month after all the bills and obligations have gone out that i can either pay off something or put towards the emergency fund - havent decided yet, its just nice to have options

    OH has had a tax refund from when he took one of his pension pots last year so thats 1300 that at the moment is in the emergency fund and a bit more breathing space.  hes given up looking for a job at the moment (hadnt really started) - covid has visited our household again and he's suffering with it - ive managed to avoid it so far and plan to carry on doing so. 
  • diggingmywayout
    i got the first response back for the CCA request saying they dont have the required proof so they consider it legally unenforceable but it does remain collectable so basically it means they will write to me from time to time asking me to repay it - or the required documentation will turn up sometime in the future and it becomes a live debt again but for now I am assuming that 5200 odd is wiped from my balance which has made a big hole in the balance (and gives me a chance to concentrate on some of the other balances.  I have another debt for the same company with another a different DCA and I'm expecting the same result on that one.  also pretty sure the debt that i get partial settlement offers on a monthly basis will be unenforceable as well - so for now its a waiting game.  

    first plan is cancel the payment plan for that one debt and wait on the others till i know for sure.  

    payday come and gone and nothing exciting going on - my washing machine died on me - started smelling of smoke and was replaced using my emergency fund which will be built back up in the next 2 months.  just a good feeling not having to panic when these sort of things happen - I could get used to living like this, no stress and no drama 
  • diggingmywayout
    ive been quietly doing my thing the last couple of months - working, paying bills, contacting DCA for CCA requests and working out exactly where i stand and the picture is starting to look a little brighter than when i started posting.  ive managed to get my 2 largest debts with DCA marked as unenforceable which has wiped off a massive 10050 off my total balance outstanding.  ive agreed a 80% reduction on another debt from another agency which has cleared another 1637 off my balance and all the other debts have proof provided and revised payment plan scheme set up.  

    Ive also taken a promotion at work and my commission has kicked in properly plus i now get an override on the rest of the sales team so my income has improved somewhat.  so much so that i manage each month without using the credit card at all now and I have a full picture of my finances at all time (which makes it feel like im control at last).

    Other news is OH is still not working (and not applying for anything) - I cant be bothered to fight about it so i've just cut any spend that he did have completely.  My son has announced he is not coming back to the Uk at all, he found a way to extend his stay in portugal for another couple of months moving in with a friend and just sharing living expenses (living rent free so he is able save a bit) and he's got a new contract set up for the new year in Japan for 2 years so is busy organising his travel and visa and so on.  

    plan for the balances outstanding is i keep to the payment plans in have in place and pick them off one by one with partial settlements if i can get them.  current outstanding debt including everything is 15612 which is considerably better than it was just a few months ago. 
  • Chrystal
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    Great to hear from you again, and lovely that things are improving for you.
    Our offspring seem to live in their own little bubbles and don't realise the turmoil they can bring into our lives, but it's good to hear that DS has got things sorted, and hopefully it won't be too long before you see him again. 
    It sounds as though you are valued by your employers, which is a great boost.
    Keep on keeping on and you will get there in the end.  (((hugs))) 
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  • diggingmywayout
    ok update again and this year I need to get better at keeping on top of things... fully funded emergency fund which stands at 12K or a full years worth of living expenses (not including food and petrol).  I took another job change at work a side-ways move within the group to the same role in another of the companies and my earnings has increased again with more responsibility with a bigger sales team and so higher commission earnings.  

    debts outstanding now stand at less than 20k with another debt to be cleared in its entirety end of this month.  ive got a hit list of the order that im tackling everything and its working.  OH and I ended up getting married towards end of last year so I now have protection with regards to his pension pots if he dies before me - god i sound mercenary :)

    DS came home for xmas and new year so really nice to have a catch up - his 'friend' that he moved in with is my future daughter in law and im going to be a grandma by may this year so thats something else to look forward to. all in all life is a lot brighter than it was.  All good in my world 
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