5 hour delay due to "circumstances outside of airline's control" = no compensation?

Sorry to post if this has been asked before, I expect it has but could not see exactly where.

Recently my family flew to Spain. Our flight was delayed by just under 5 hours. Instead of arriving at 8pm, we arrived at 1am. We had booked a hire car to get us to our destination about 50 miles up the coast, but the office had closed by then. So we took a taxi to a budget hotel and stayed overnight and then got a taxi back to the airport the next day. Total cost about 100 Euros.

I hoped that we would be entitled to some compensation, but got the following reply:

"I regret the delay of your flight ****** from ****** to ****** on **/**/****, which was caused due to ****** airport ground handling delays.
As this delay was unexpected, no compensation is due under EU261/2004 as this was caused due to circumstances beyond [airline's] control."

TBH I smell something of a rat, as during the 5 hours we were delayed at the airport every other flight departed on time - except for our flight, and another flight operated by the same carrier.

Anyway- is this worth pursuing any further?

Thanks to anyone who knows how these things work.


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