Admiral Travel Claim taking over 2 months

Hello, not sure if anyone has experienced this.

But I purchased an annual travel Insurance policy with Admiral on the 1st week of January 2022. 

I travelled and had to make a claim for a missed flight which was submitted and confirmed as received in the last week of January 2022. It's been just shy of 2 months now.

I emailed them, messaged them on Twitter DM, FB DM and submitted an enquiry form.

In the 1st week of March, I get this response



Thank you for your e-mail.


We have received notification that your documents are on the claim.


We are advising at the moment it can take up to 30 working days in order for us to review your claim.


As soon as we have an update we will be in contact.


Thank you for your patience.


Kind regards


It went past 30 working days last week and the only response I've been given today is



Thank you for your email.

Currently, it is taking us longer than usual to review and respond to documents.

We understand this isn’t ideal and we want to assure you we will review your documents as soon as possible to progress the matter further.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.


Yours sincerely,


Admiral Travel Insurance"

Can anyone advise what I can do in this situation? I am out of pocket and this is stressful considering I have chased them a few times and can't get hold of anyone - I don't seem to be making any progress


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    All you can do is register a complaint, if you are unhappy with their response (or they dont respond within 8 weeks) then you can escalate to the Financial Ombudsman. Unfortunately realistically there is little more you can do other than period chasing.
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    The knock on effects from Covid are still there, even if its affect on daily life is greatly reduced.  Insurers are likely to have a large backlog of claims to go through.
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    I have a similar issue with Admiral with a very similar message. 

    I claimed on a damaged mobile when travelling. It's been 8 weeks since my claim.

    Luckily for me it's a fairly small issue.

    I'm travelling at the end of the month and I'm now worried. I don't have the peace of mind that I paid for. 

    If I need to make a significant claim for something serious, I don't trust that they'll cover me promptly.

    I'm sympathetic about covid, but I need to have the cover I've paid for and expect at least reasonable service.

    That was the assumed trust I expected when buying their product and reading their glossy marketing which claims "Cover when you need it"

    I'll be complaining too.

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