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Hello everyone 

In April I had my old storage heaters took out on the eco gov grant scheme in my rental property. This winter was the first time trying it out. They replaced the storage heaters in bedroom with 1 khw heaters and they took the two storage heaters out the living room and replaced with one elnur hhr20 (I was only using the one storage heater which sufficiently heated the living room and not even set to highest level). I'm not sure the old make of the storage heaters but they were certainly old and say 70/80s.

 (I'm in a first floor massionate. Fully insulated property now with new windows which has made little difference to my daughters room which would be about 10 degrees in winter with no heating on when we first moved in 13 yrs ago and before property was insulated and had new windows and still, her room can get as low as 10 degrees 😳  infant on one occasion it was almost in the 8 degrees. 

Anyway, in the living room with it being large 17 m2, it seems the elnur hhr20 is under capacity for it. Which is why even though it is set on default to 21 degrees in day and 18 during night, it has never gone over 17 degrees. Currently it is 17.1 degrees. Although its sensors think the room is just under 20 degrees. Elnur calculators recommend hhr40 for my room size. Although that eats a lot of leccy but the hhr30 could be a compromise. 
I've emailed elnur for advice with no reply.

I've also emailed the company who installed them on the grant scheme. I'm wondering if the company who installed it should have realised the size of room and installed the bigger capacity storage heater and if they should replace it or am I stuck with it? (The elnur hhr20 is under 2kw think about 1.7 which is not enough for my size room) because I've been left with a very inefficient heater now and I'm paying to heat a room it is set at which it can't do. Turning up the temp hasn't made much difference and costs more to run. 
I've not contacted my estate agent because I wanted to see what elnur and the company who installed them say. I'm waiting to hear from both. Emails sent over last few days.
I'm Autistic. Go easy on me. 😊Terrible at Maths but I'm super good at money management and budgeting.
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