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Today 25/02/2022 United Utilities have taken Direct Debit payments from peoples accounts before there due date, My due date is 02/03/2022 this put my account dept as it is just an account used to pay bills.
So contacted United Utilities who have confirmed they have taken payment early due to an IT issue.
Here is my response for any one who may find they have had the same done to them.

Bethany at 9:32, Feb 25:
Good morning. Welcome to United Utilities. My name is Bethany, how can I help you today?
My Name at 9:32, Feb 25:
you have taken a DD today and it was not due
Bethany at 9:33, Feb 25:
Hi My Name. 

We are extremely sorry that your payment has been taken early.

Unfortunately there was a IT change made by our payment processor which has caused the process of your payment earlier than normal.

Unfortunately we have only became aware of the issue and we did not have any warning of the problem to be able to let you know this would be happening.

We understand this is not acceptable and we are extremely sorry that this happened. We want to let you know that this has now been resolved and your future payments will not be affected and will be taken on the correct date each month going forward.

As an apology, we will credit your account with £5.00.
Meat 9:33, Feb 25:
This payment is due Monday, 28th Feb 2022
Me at 9:34, Feb 25:
you have put my account in unauthorised overdraft as there was no money in there
Bethany at 9:35, Feb 25:
We will cover any overdraft charges caused also.

All banks are aware of the issue caused by ourselves and will be happy to get the money returned to you today through a 'direct debit indemnity', which you are protected by, if this has left you with no money and overdrawn. You can contact your bank today and request the payment back and they can arrange this for you.

Then once the money has come back, you can make the payment as normal on the correct day.
Me at 9:37, Feb 25:
Why have you not emailed customers effected by this ?
Bethany at 9:37, Feb 25:
Unfortunately we have only became aware of the issue at the time you have and we did not have any warning of the problem to be able to let you know this would be happening.
Bethany at 9:37, Feb 25:
I can only apologise that this has happened and we understand it is not acceptable.
Me at 9:38, Feb 25:
Are you going to email customers now ?
Bethany at 9:39, Feb 25:
We will. We are currently investigating this and once we have a bit more information we will be sending an email to all customers affected.
Me at 9:39, Feb 25:
I will make ofwat and ccwater aware of this situation
Bethany at 9:40, Feb 25:
We understand and we have also made everyone aware of the situation.


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