Leaving Vodafone - who to choose for SIM only?

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So I've finally made the decision to leave Vodafone after 15 years of being a customer of theirs.  I wasn't really 'loyal' - more lazy/better-the-devil-you-know attitude (plus my 25% NHS discount helped).  However I keep seeing these SIM-only deals which are really tempting me, especially given I don't want to take out new and expensive contracts on new phones where they keep you tied in for 2-3 years!

I've just done a webchat with VF and obtained my PAC code, but now I don't know how to choose who to switch to! It's been way too easy just getting the 'best' deals VF could offer me over these years.

I live out pretty rural and don't really get a signal in the house here with VF anyway, so I don't think that home signal matters too much, I see that I can only get 3G outdoors with most of them anyway!

I've sort of narrowed it down to either IDMobile or Smarty, because I like the idea of a rolling 30 days contract and their prices look great.

Is anyone able to advise as to experiences with either of these, particularly with regard to EU roaming and getting a good signal abroad as I will be travelling in the summer?  And also how easy it is to switch from one of these to another, if I decide that I want to 'up' my data (I have a campervan so will likely be using my data for watching films, listening to music).

Thank you very much for any advice you can offer!


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    I currently use Smarty for my home internet and it has worked well. WFH and streaming tv shows have all been fine - I've forgotten I'm not using fixed line broadband. The best thing is you can leave any time, you only pay for one month so can give it a try and decide. Changing your bundle is easy, see here.

    I've taken it abroad a number of times without any issues. I was recently visiting a friend in Ireland and we compared 4G data speeds, his mobile provider is Three Ireland the same network my Smarty sim was roaming on, and they were virtually identical which would suggest there is no speed limitation when roaming.

    Also, if you order your Smarty sim card using a refer a friend link you get your 2nd month free. You can activate the sim any time up to 6 months after ordering. I've sent you a private message with mine if you are interested.

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    Have a look at this link https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/mobiles/cheap-sim-only-contracts/

    It’s categorised by the data you need and shows both 1 month and 12 month contracts 
    FTB - April 2020 
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    girlinabox said:
    Is anyone able to advise as to experiences with either of these, particularly with regard to EU roaming and getting a good signal abroad as I will be travelling in the summer?  
    Can't really advise on IDMobile or Smarty but O2 & MVNOs using it e.g. Giffgaff, Tesco etc. haven't reintroduced roaming charges in Europe (they may have fair use caps though - O2 25Gb, Giffgaff 20Gb, Tesco possibly not).
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    Try Lebara, it use Voda network so you'll get same coverage as now, MSE have deals with them but even without they are still cheap enough, fiver a month type

    It's rolling monthly, by debit from a card, not bank DD if this is important.
    I've had no problems on the MSE deal, it just works which is all I require

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    Thanks everyone.  I found a website called simsherpa which allows you to compare all the different benefits of different networks.  I ended up choosing IDMobile.  Lebara didn't seem as competitive in price as the others, plus the Ofcom website shows that the Three network is more likely to get a signal here than VF!  The only thing that has made me slightly wary is the ID fair usage policy, because I will be out of the country from June for a few months but I think so long as you can prove you're a UK resident with a bill, bank statement etc it should be ok! :) (If it turns out to not be ok, I can simply cancel and get a better SIM whilst I'm abroad - the beauty of a 30 day contract). I opted for 12GB for £7 pm which I think is great. 
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    Although ypu've already chosen...

    runs off Three network.  They are throwing data away at the moment, 60GB for £10 a month.  But potentialyl dodgy signal.

    iD Mobile - I looked at this but something put me off.  Wonder if it was their "we'll raise your contract prices every April" or something? 

    Voxi - Although run by Vodafone, the free social media is actually pretty good.  I get 12GB for £10 a month.  No price rises, barely use 2GB.

    You should also consider Tesco Mobile.
    They were pretty good while I was with them but when I wanted to leave, they almost had a go at me for doing so and not accepting one of their deals.

    Asda Mobile also raises their prices every April I think.
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