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I consider Onecom to be misleading and fraudulent.

I received a call claiming to be based locally (although they are not) from a local area code 0131 number. The sales agent asked what I was currently paying per month for my mobile phone contract, to which I answered £17 for unlimited calls and data. He asked if he could get this down to £10 per month, would I be happy to proceed with Onecom. I said yes, ofcourse.

He then transferred me to a colleague who spoke on the phone for around 15 minutes and signed me up for a 3 year contract. At no point was it made clear to me that after a discounted period of 18 months, my SIM only phone bill would be increased to £62 per month plus VAT!!!! Had I known this, clearly I would not have entered the contract with Onecom.

Furthermore they said during the phone call that I'd be paying £10 plus VAT, which I assumed to be £12 per month. However the VAT is calculated on the initial cost of £92 prior to the discount, so my phone bill for the first 18 months is actually £26 per month!!! I am only a small business and not VAT registered, so I'm unable to claim any VAT back.

I am a small entertainments business struggling financially due to the Covid Pandemic, I'm on Universal Credit and eating from Food Banks. So I'm struggling to pay those costs.

I tried to cancel within 30 days but they said as this is a business contract, I'm unable to cancel without paying a huge cancellation fee. They said they'd only provide a PAC code so I can get my business phone number (number on all my business cards, website, etc) back if I pay those cancellation fees!!!

I consider Onecom to be misleading and fraudulent and have now reported the case to Ofcom.

Anyone with any advice or similiar experiences?


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    Sounds dodgy but in terms of getting a PAC code you could try sending the five digit code that causes a PAC code to be sent straight back to you? Of course if they're dodgy, it probably won't work, but worth a try.
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    Business contracts = different kettle of fish to domestic.  Moral of the story here is never ever agree to anything business wise from a call that comes to you.

    Unfortunately when it comes to business contracts the onus is on you to make sure you are making the right decision for the business (or on behalf of the business if appropriate, ie a limited company) and that you've done your due diligence.  If you don't and just decide off the top of your head to agree to something, then unfortunately more fool you, with all due respect.
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