What Small Things will you do this week 21/02



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    Morning all 

    Today I have/will do 
    Pegged washing out 
    Put washer on 
    Post parcel 
    All food from cupboards 
    Change bed sheets 
    Sort bags out for tomorrow 

    Think that's everything have a good Sunday everyone 

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    Afternoon all :)
    Sunny again here today, which makes such a difference!
    Sunday morning market first thing. Bought some bargainous cheese and a few other bits (sadly I have overspent my budget this month by nearly £32, but grocery spends did include a bulk buy of meat), plus some items to sell on.
    Dog walk done. He still isn't happy, though nothing you can put a finger on. He just isn't his normal lively self. I gave him some of the pain killer medicine the vet prescribed after he had his spinal operation last year to see if that helps. I will get him to the vet if he doesn't pick up in a few days. Trouble is he gets really stressed at the vet's, and really naughty, and as he doesn't really have any symptoms apart from behaviour change, I'm unsure what the vet could advise other than trying the pain killer medicine that he already has. We will see.
    I have a loaf in the bread maker, and dinner will be jacket potatoes and various bits from the fridge.
    I have been out in the garden, and sorted 3 strawberry hanging baskets, moved a clematis in a big pot (OH helped with that) and had a bit of a tidy up. So nice to be outside in the sun :)
    Time for a coffee now!
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    Evening all, me again!

    So, today has been very busy to say the least. I got home from sainsburys at 12ish. Then I ended up clearing the garden and cutting back alot of brambles and plucked some weeds from our little corner. I've emptied all the dead plants, attached my mini green house to the fence as the wind blew it away last time :lol: then OH decided he wanted to take Django out on a walk. It was absolutely freeeezing! Django loved it, rolled around in a puddle and has been sleeping ever since. I then cleaned the car and now I've just had a nice relaxing bubble bath. We're ordering Chinese takeaway tonight, I think I deserve it :lol: in total I've done 23k steps today. 

    Also, i put myself in for over time tomorrow Friday, Saturday! Sunday is back to my normal day as they extended my temp position until April.

    I can also say, I can't wait to get into my bed soon! :sleeping:
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