Help! Been wrongly accused of scratching someone's car

Hello can anyone offer any advice?

I returned to my parked car today to an aggressive, threatening and anonymous note:

'I have photo evidence, Shittest parker I've ever seen and you've scratched my car with your bashed up door. Txat! I have your reg and I'll be reporting you to my insurance and police for damage!' 

The strange thing is that I was parked well within the perimeters of the parking bay and I absolutely did not scratch their car. The car door does have a bash from the previous owner, but that's been there for ages. I found a witness who took photos of my car parked well within the bay, checked for CCTV there is none, and then I reported the aggressive note to the police. I'm wondering if there is anything else I can do to protect myself? I just parked in a parking bay and came back to a threat! Any advice? 


  • maisie_cat
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    Some years ago my hubby had a similar thing while using my car, they said they had CCTV "evidence"but nothing ever came of it. I always believed it was a well worn scam.
    I suspect they have been looking for somebody to blame for a scratch and hope to extract money from you.
    Try not to worry if you are sure you didn't scratch their car and take picture all around your car to show there is no damage.
  • Thank you so much for your kind response! It's so stressful to receive such an aggressive note and to be wrongly accused to boot. 

    There is damage from years ago from the previous owner. I didn't see the point in getting it fixed, but a mechanic inspected it some time ago so he may vouch for me. 
  • sheramber
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    if you had scratched their car is it likely you would then have parked next to them.
  • lisyloo
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    I would keep the note.
    if they take it to insurance (which they won’t) then demand the photos they say they have (which they don’t).

    The note is evidence they are lying because they can’t have those photos.
  • sheramber said:
    if you had scratched their car is it likely you would then have parked next to them.
    Exactly!! If I was going to deny the fact I would have just scurried off to another parking bay. 
  • It's made me think though - I'm going to carefully document all existing damage to my car, so I can protect against false claims such as this. 
  • Scam. If you'd scratched my car I'd have either taken pics to prove I parked beside you or waited for you to come back.
    I'd rather be an Optimist and be proved wrong than a Pessimist and be proved right.
  • cx6
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    It is actually a criminal offence for the other person to knowingly make a false claim through their insurance company. - Insurance fraud is a,face the prospect of imprisonment.
  • All really helpful - thank you everyone. I contacted my insurance company today and told them everything. They are ready for contact and will fight it. 
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