How to live without heating - save £000s

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    Astria - my first reaction on reading that post from the OP was that he has NO understanding of Reynauds syndrome, or the purely miserable levels of pain it can cause. Lucky him! As I said I my original response - pure ableism!  
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    Astria said:
    My hands, feet, nose, ears, etc all get freezing cold because of a lack of blood supply, caused by the cold temperatures narrowing the blood vessels. 

    I am sorry to hear that. If it's (only) cold temperatures which narrow the blood vessels, then is there a possibility you probably wouldn't be cold if you wore more clothes? All I know is that I am perfectly warm in myself (underneath the clothes), or I would probably suffer from the same problem.
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    This all sounds insane, the solution is far better insulation. Even over winter the lowest temperature my flat drops to is 14c, and that is when I have not been at home generating any other heat for days and with the heating off, in normal being at home an generating heat it rarely drops below 17c and an hour with the heating is more than enough to keep things at 19c.
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    For the OP:
    Note the section entitled 'Things you can do to help Raynaud's' - number one on the list is "keep your home warm"

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    HertsLad said:

    registering on here purely to troll like this is cheap and nasty. I had my doubts when someone else suggested your post was a mickey take - but now I suspect they're right. 
    I am sorry you accuse me of being some kind of troll. Which aspects of what I've said do you feel are the most likely to be a wind-up or downright lie? I know I stay perfectly warm by wearing enough clothes, and not burning money on heating. I can't be unique even if we need to exclude anyone with a medical condition such as Raynauds. I hoped others may be interested in my findings, given the sky high price of energy, but it seems not. 

    Rosa- I am quite slim so I doubt if I have much fat. Moreover, I know I get cold like anyone else, if I am not wearing enough clothes, so I cannot accept that I am in some way conditioned to being cold. 

    It is your extrapolation from what works for you to that also working for other people, especially those sufficiently vulnerable to die from lack of heating that is offensive.  Blaming people for dying because they are too stupid to wear proper clothes?
    If you had presented it as a personal choice that your own situation allowed you to make that would be less outrageous.
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    I feel the cold but extra layers of clothing combats the cold in winter. Thermal vests and leggings with fleeced jogging pants over the lower half and a T-Shirt and fleeced dressing gown over the upper body means only my hands get cold, the cold hands don't bother me.  
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    As Bors has found out, just because you can, doesn't mean that you should.

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