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I expected that transferring between mobile providers would be a seamless process. It has actually been very frustrating. I had come to the end of my Vodafone 2 year contract with handset (Samsung) and had decided to go for a SiM only contract with o2. Better coverage in my area and a lot cheaper. When I put the sim into my phone, the phone locked. Vodafone tells me that it's Samsung's responsibility to send over a code to unlock it, Samsung says it's nothing to do with them. o2 can't help either.  I have the IMEI serial number code, but the MCK is a different code altogether.  Any advice on what do other than buy another phone, which is what the manufacturers want us all to do? 

This was my customer journey

Phoned o2 - gave me a code which didn't work. Told to contact Vodafone
Phoned Vodafone - told me complete a form with IMEI number
Received code. Didn't work
Phoned o2 again - referred me back to Vodafone
Tweeted Vodafone connected with a Chatbot
Contacted o2 - they suggested I contact Samsung
Contacted Samsung - they said contact technical support
Contacted Samsung technical support they said they don't deal with customer facing complaints
Contacted Samsung again. They said contact Vodafone
Went to my nearest Vodafone shop. They said I need the IMEI code. I showed them the phone. They said contact Samsung
Went to a couple of high street "we can unlock your phone' shops they said contact Samsung

On switching on the phone it says
Enter MCK. Network unlock code blocked. Too many incorrect attempts.

Any advice most gratefully received. 

Thank you. :):(


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