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Petrol/diesel diet challenge – official MSE discussion

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Hello there,

Sadly, after almost 12 years of active service, the original Petrol/diesel diet challenge thread is now closed, so I've created a new one here, which is specifically to share tips to help cut annual fuel spend and track savings, and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Here's how it works...

What it's all about

Petrol and diesel prices are prohibitive, yet there are ways to cut the cost. The power of the MSE Forum has seen people work together to get debt free, pay off mortgages, save more, deal with dodgy builders and much more, and it can also help tackle fuel costs.

What to do

Tell us about your car, the journeys you regularly make and what you're going to do to save. Use the forum as a place to diarise your costs and techniques to cut the cost, read what others are doing and share tips.

How to get started
  • Step 1: Make your car more fuel-efficient. Pumping up tyres, turning off air-con and detaching empty roof racks can reduce fuel consumption. See our car fuel-efficiency checklist.
  • Step 2: Drive more smoothly. Combined with the tips above, accelerating gradually and slowing naturally (when it's safe to do so) can save up to 30% on fuel costs. See our smooth driving tips.
  • Step 3: Find the cheapest fuel in your area. Using a handy free online tool, you can track down the cheapest forecourt in your location. See our cheap fuel finding tips.
Now let the diet commence

MSE Kelvin :)


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