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Is anyone else being hounded by TW for a meter to be installed? 
Letter, emails and texts being received and also threats in the emails about higher charges being imposed if a meter is not installed. 
Is this a legal requirement? 
Can the legally increase the water prices just because we have not agreed to a meter? 
Everything we have heard is about how meters have caused friends and families bills to increase significantly. 
With a new baby on the way, we certainly do not want any bills increasing. 


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    For many parts of the Thames Water area they have a legal right to impose a meter on customers. Thus you are not required to 'agree' to a meter; you are legally required to accept a meter.

    'Can a water company insist on the installation of a water meter?

    In practice, a water company can install a water meter and charge on that basis, if the household customer:

    • uses an automatic watering device (such as a garden sprinkler);
    • automatically fills a swimming pool or pond;
    • has a large bath;
    • uses a reverse osmosis softening unit;
    • has a power shower;
    • is the new occupier of a property (provided an unmetered bill has not already been sent to that occupier); or
    • lives in an area which has been determined by the Secretary of State to be an area of serious water stress and subject to a metering programme as part of a plan to maintain secure water supplies.

    Does this mean there is compulsory metering in some parts of the country?

    No water company is required to introduce universal metering. The legislation simply gives water companies the power to choose to use metering as a way of managing water resources in their area.

    Which areas are classified as in “serious water stress”?

    The water company water stress designations were updated in July 2013, using evidence for determining the level of water stress for areas in England and Wales. The following water company areas were classified as areas of serious water stress by the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales (2013 classifications):

    • Affinity Water
    • Anglian Water
    • Essex and Suffolk Water
    • South East Water
    • Southern Water
    • Sutton and East Surrey Water
    • Thames Water

    Can a water company insist on a smart meter?

    It is at the discretion of the water company to decide which type of meter it proposes to use (e.g. whether it is a smart meter).

    Can a customer refuse to have a water meter?

    If one of more of the conditions for metering outlined above applies to a customer, the water company can install a meter and charge on that basis. A customer cannot refuse a meter in these circumstances nor object to the type of meter (for example a smart meter).'

    The majority of posts on this forum state that getting a water meter reduces their water charges. 

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    Cardew said:

    The majority of posts on this forum state that getting a water meter reduces their water charges. 

    I was paying TW £30-odd a month when unmetred, and I now pay £12 a month (one-bed flat). Even that more than covers my usage.
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