Rolling Down the Green Hill Towards REtirement πŸ˜ŠπŸŒ„πŸ’šπŸ’œ

Β Happy New Year!!!

As our MFW journey finished back in July 2015(wow!) on our family home and Apr 202 on our BTL (because we sold it! :D) I thought it was time for a new diary (seeing as some others are doing it, I thought I'd also jump on the bandwagon πŸ˜‰ πŸš™) and the new year seems a good time to start.

Back when I started my original diary ( the children were 12, almost 10, 4 & 10 months - now they are 24 (with a Masters, a FT job and saving hard to buy a home), 21 (doing a Masters), 16-next-week (hopefully sitting some actual GCSEs this Summer) and approaching 13.... the time has flown! - and we had a mortgage of just under Β£105K with an end date of sometime in 2023. DH had just started as a contractor with all the job uncertainty that comes with that (and which led to 2 periods of almost 12 months each with no contract in the next few years - that was hard!!) Now he has a 'regular' PAYE job with a 6 figure package and I've started a FT (term time) job which doesn't even cover how much tax he pays in a year! (school jobs really aren't well paid!)Β 

We are now 52 & 51. DD will be moving out at some point in the next year or so, I'm sure. DS1 finishes his MSc this Summer so will hopefully get a job after then and may or may not be living here at that point. Because we had a gap before DS2 & DS3 we still very much have dependent children for the next few years - whilst we could have relatively comfortably afforded to retire now without them and could probably just about do it with them we are likely not to do so until after DS3 is 18 - so another 5.25 years minimum. DH has aged 60 in his head (well, 3 weeks before - which is when his security clearance thing runs out for his job) but I think we could bring that forward and still cope with 1 (maybe 2 if DS2 does a post-grad qualification) child at uni's costs. We shall see!

DH has no real idea of how much money we have - the vast, vast majority of money is held in my name - he earns a decent amount - but also spends a lot - if I showed him how much we have he would be off buying a Β£50K motorhome along with a heap of other stuff - and putting in an order for a Β£30K car for me, etc - he is a real magpie. I am waaaay more cautious - we would not be MF now if it was left to DH! :joy: - he freely admits this. He knows we have savings and that we have enough to get some jobs done on the house and money put away for a big family holiday to Florida when things allow for it, etc - and that generally keeps him happy enough.Β 

I plan for this diary to chart our way to retirement - starting off at the top of the hill slowly and gathering momentum as we get closer to the bottom of the hill (ie: retirement) I'm not really one for true budgets - we have a decent income and I know we could reduce our spending - but I'm not too concerned about that right now, as we also save a reasonable amount. I'll update with some figures at some points - when I've done the end of 2021 figures :DΒ 
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