38 and going to Uni!

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Wasn't sure which board this belonged on so apologies if this is incorrect! 

My work are funding a degree for me. This will include doing a lot of course work from home. I'm 38, the last time I did anything academic was 22 years ago! 

Work have provided me with a laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse and headset - but what else am I going to need?! I know this might sound really silly - but there is bound to be something I haven't thought of. 

I've got notepads, pens, I have a printer at home and I was thinking of getting a planner/diary to mark important dates (I work better with paper format!) - I will probably need folders ... What else am I missing?

I will get a list of the basics from the Uni soon, but I am trying to make sure I am ready :) 

Thanks in advance! 

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    I completed my Open University degree over 10 years, whilst producing two children.  My biggest problem was the 2 weeks of 'Summer School' I had to attend - finding childcare for that was near impossible.  It looks like that won't be your problem so, the answer might be to
    1) clear a particular 'space' for study
    2) set aside particular hours when you are 'at Uni, so not available for household chores/crises'
    3)  don't stress about folders/printer paper/ marker pens - it will all fall into place
    4)  enjoy the experience, take pride in your achievements and don't stress when it all goes wrong - that's part of the learning journey!
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    Just try to relax enjoy the process.

    Once you start, you will figure out anything which is important that you will need.

    Planner will help with writing important dates, deadlines etc.

    As you haven't been in education for some time, research on referencing, the type your university allows so to avoid getting flagged or capped for your coursework assignments.   

    All the best!
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    It is way easier from Home. I am just completing an independent prescribing course and glaucoma cert ( about 1/2 a masters ) and have managed to do it whilst working 6days with 4kids. I am 41.

    Need to be very disciplined with specific time set aside to do it ( I choose 6-10 Sunday morning ). Research for papers is way easier Google Scholar makes life so much easier than going to the library to look up journals.

    Try to stay on top of the coursework is my advice , mine was easy in that sense as our written stuff was all case records I could get from our practice. 

    I think being older you will find it easier , when I was undergraduate I spent most of the 1st year overindulging in free cheese and wine from the reps and did little in the way of work! 

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    Referencing will be the bane of your life - still don't undestand the diffrence between havard style and Cardiff-Havard style!
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