Hardship arrangements - Managed quarantine

We stayed in managed quarantine from 19th August to 30th August 2021 under approved Hardship arrangements. I wrote to CTM twice requesting to make payment arrangement but never heard back. I though they will write to us and we will provide them bank details for monthly payments. This never happened and now two days ago debt collector LCS send a message requesting to make contact. I called them and explained no one got in touch with me for payments. They said they are working with department of health and social care to collect these payments. Also they claimed to have send two letters in post and one questioning the operative admitted to have my name in address field. I asked how come department of health and social care never wrote to us advising LCS will be collecting payments on their behalf. 

Did anyone else have any experience about making payment o managed quarantine under Hardship arrangements? I have been trying to raise a complaint with department of health and social care online but it keeps giving me an error and suggesting to try again after 48 hours. 

How can I check LCS are making legit claim and didn't just buy the debt from department of health and social care?

Thanks in advance for your guidance and help. 


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