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  • Thank you savings  :) and it shouldn't have been a sad face at the end of my last post but more a  :s if that turns out right  :)
    Mortgage Balance
  • re-evaluating

    I have just popped back to the start of my diary to see what i had planned for the time the mortgage fix ends. I'm going to run through some ideas and then see about targeting my goal in a different way. i don't want to become disheartened by not meeting my super stretch targets each month so i am going to look at it until the end of either this year or the mortgage year and then again for the end of the fix next year and see where i can get some of the extra needed from. Part of the issue is that i was supposed to be using funds from selling but instead diverted this to unexpected bills, then car repair. 

    I thought i'd get the money bit in first as it is a mfw diary. The next bit involves spending money  :o I have mentioned a few times i'm unhappy with my weight - and part of the reason i had so many clothes was all the different sizes i have things in. Well i didn't put the weight on in a day so it won't come off in a day either but i have started to introduce small steps to help with the weight loss  o:) although eating pudding today goes against that a bit  :D The rest of the day i have been very good indeed though and i am not going to fret over the odd cake as a treat  ;)

    But I have seen a photo where i cannot hide from myself anymore! I was really happy with what i'd chosen to wear - and there's nothing wrong with the picture - it's just me  :D The weight is there quite visibly and more so than i thought - i think it's because we don't 'see' ourselves all day every day - it's like suddenly and unexpectedly seeing yourself in a mirror.

    I am now prioritizing the healthy/ier (see pudding above) eating and exercise. But it isn't just the weight. As i may have mentioned i am trying to use up some of the many lotions i have and maybe it's a combination of me using these things which means i am focusing on me a bit more; and then addressing the clothing issue which has involved trying lots on and not loving any of the few things i fit into. But there is more i can do - so i have a consultation booked with the hairdresser and also am going to see a beauty therapist about my eyelashes again. I used to always have them tinted - my hair is fairly dark but my lashes are really fair - if i don't wear mascara (and i don't if i'm not going out socially or to work) you can't see them too well. I have not loved my hair as it is for a long time but have neglected 'me' really.

    I do see this as a positive - i have been unhappy and specifically unhappy with how i look for a long time. So i am doing something about me, for me, which will help change the way i feel about myself every day. The weight and overall fitness will be a gradual change but, i think, looking after these other parts of my appearance which i am not happy with will make me more positive about myself, more confident in myself and encourage me to keep going with the exercise and fitness and doing things for me.

    I post all this here now but have no idea of the cost for these treatments but i will see and will see how i can budget for this. I'm feeling happier just having made the appointments - and i think this is because i am actively doing something to improve how i feel about myself. 

    Mortgage Balance
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    I think £ has to be a balance. Sounds like you are finding yours and your confidence along with it
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