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Warning - Virgin Media broadband deal on



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    To phillw

    You claimed "...I'm pretty sure that all people you speak to at any company will have no knowledge of the details of offers posted on the website. Or in a lot of cases, their own website.

    As you cancelled the order then I'm not sure what your complaint is?..."

    If Virgin is not supposed to know the details of the deals they are selling to the UK public who else is supposed to know? What happens if the selling is illegal under UK laws - as happened to me? What you have said clearly indicates why the UK public needs to keep screenshots of all deals for their own protection.

    As to what I am complaining about - I have spelt out exactly what I am complaining about:-
    1 - Virgin Media illegally missold a service that I did not request through
    2 - The details Virgin Media provided on and on their own website were materially false.
    3 - Virgin Media customer service refused to accept the published details of their service on and blamed
    4 - Virgin Media did not cancel the service as I requested and their customer service people lied to me.
    5 - Virgin Media are now billing me for a service I did not request and did not give approval for.
    6 - Virgin Media provided false information about the service on their own website. 
    7 - Unfortunately, was caught up in this behaviour by Virgin Media by advertising materially false information about a Virgin Media 'service'.
    8 - I warned about what was happening as soon as I could so that no further false information would be posted on
    9 - Virgin Media are now chasing me for a service that was sold illegally.
    10 - That is the sort of behaviour Martin Lewis is well known for warning the UK public about.

    I urge any potential buyers of Virgin Media products to take screenshots of all the pages that advertise their 'deals' as a precaution. If they do what they did to me they will charge you a vastly increased amount over the advertised details and deny the details of the 'deal' you thought you were signing up to.

    I will keep customers updated about this matter.
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