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    You can take back a little control by doing the ordering yourself from GP and having them send prescription to pharmacy of choice.

    Doesn't stop problems but does put part of the process into your hands.

    I've tried Boots repeat ordering service (disaster), ordering myself and sending to Boots (usually okay but could be slow to fill), Lloyds Direct (fine 75/80% of time) now I'm with a local independent as waiting in for deliveries (mine didn't fit through letter box) became inconvenient and didn't want to go back to Boots. 

    No complaints (yet) from using local independent, an acute prescription was ready & waiting within 4 hours and my repeats (self ordered) been ready in a few days, I always wait 2-3 before collection.

    Unfortunately they don't offer text messages but found it hit and miss with Boots anyway and I know someone who was with a different independent & signed up for them correctly (phone no printed on labels) but staff never seemed to action the messages. 
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    This is a praise experience. A doctor who visited me, left at about half past five, saying she would try and order meds for me before the pharmacy closed at 6 so they'd be done promptly next morning.  At about 6.15 one of the ladies from the pharmacy came to my door with a bag of medication. I was on her way home - she did say I wouldn't have got that service if I hadn't been!
    They have been delivering my prescription for a few years now and never let me down - 2-5 days from when I phone it through. And they don't delay delivery if something is out of stock - they deliver that when it arrives. 
    It is Gordons, but I expect different branches of any chain have different levels of efficiency. I'm lucky with our local one. 
  • My sister used to work in Boots, very uncomfortable until they were properly worn in
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    cx6 said:
    I recommend the Pharmacy2U app - order via the app and your prescription is posted to you.
    I'd like to recommend Hey Pharmacist (formally Co-Op Health). As above, order via the app and get it in the post. Never had a problem and so much better than having to visit the chemist.
    And I would give a massive thumbs down to Lloyds Online (formally Echo) who I found frustrating in the extreme!
    And by contrast I'd give Lloyds a massive thumbs up! Never had an issue with them on any of my monthly repeats.
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    I always had problems with Boots. No matter how long I left it after they got the prescription, it was never ready when I called to collect it. Usually it needed to be checked, but sometimes it hadn't even been made up.

    And it always seemed as if the person ahead of me needed to have a ten minute chat with the pharmacist of dispenser.

    Changed to Tesco, and everything has been fine.
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    Perhaps local independent pharmacies are better.  I order  our repeats online to the GP, they send an electronic request to the pharmacy, and the pharmacy deliver to us the following day.

    Not ever had a problem in 15 years.
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    Boots keep my repeat prescription, order from the GP surgery at the due date then send me a text to collect from the store. Always worked fine up to now. 
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    I use the Superdrug app.  I order the repeat prescriptions for myself and DH, the app shows when it’s approved by the surgery and then I get a message when it’s ready for collection in store.  Any delay is invariably due to the GP’s tardiness.  I have nothing but praise for my local branch of Superdrug.
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    I stopped using the local Boots when they accused me of falsifying a prescription as it listed a product they hadn't seen before. 

    It was something more organic holistic rather than a chemical mishmash you normally get so not surprising in some ways but their questioning of me about it was a perfect example of how not to provide customer service.  They also tried to tell me that as i had handed them the script they were legally unable to return it to me even though they would not fill it.  I ended having to talk loudly about how they were committing theft and that I would be calling the police to report the theft if they didn't give it back so I could get it filled elsewhere.  A smaller local chemist was perfectly happy to assist me and always ensured they ordered stock in time for this to be filled monthly for a number of years.  

    They also accused me of attempting to steal my FiL's prescriptions when I went to collect them as I don't have the same surname as him.  Obviously I wasn't related and therefore was a thief!  I politely told them that they only reason I was there to collect the items was that they failed to deliver them as had been promised.  They wanted him to collect them in person until I pointed out that as a blind 90 yo in a wheelchair that was a little difficult for him to do.  I'm not very good at taking no for an answer.
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