Sending money from UK to Turkey

Hi all.
This is my first time on a forum, so please forgive me if I'm doing something wrong. 
I live and work in Turkey,  having moved here from the UK some fifteen years ago. 
I have some money due via inheritance from the UK. 
The money will be sent in GBP to my GBP account here from the lawyer's account. The lawyer is being a bit intransigent regarding which bank etc so I can't work out the costs of the transaction. 
Does anyone have any idea regarding the normal fees banks charge for sending money abroad? I know what the Turkish bank will charge and it's not a lot, but I have no idea what charges will be made by the bank in UK. It will be sterling to sterling, so no currency conversion. 
Can anyone advise? 
Many thanks. 



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    so are you saying you don't have a UK bank account? Cause if you did, I would think you would get it transferred to there, then use something like WISE - I use them a lot - but have a UK bank account.

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