Switch you default visa credit card on Amazon to get cash

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    1) I have had VISA credit card on my account for many years.
    2) I received the amazon email suggesting I switch to another card BUT NO MENTION of a 20£ or 10£ cash reward for it !
    3) I can also see the banner on my amazon account page BUT NO MENTION of a 20£ or 10£ cash reward either

    So it is NOT every customer

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    I was awarded with my £20 promotion 2 days ago and saw item listings had "Promotion: £20" or something like that underneath, added a random item to basket to confirm it works, then removed item (Note: I did not checkout). Today I've added some items I need to buy but the promotion is nowhere to be found, why is it gone? According to the email I have until 24th December to redeem it.

    Edit: I figured out why, it got applied to an upcoming subscribe and save order that is two weeks away.
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    This is getting more bizarre, had tried the chat the other day and got nowhere, asked them to call me  just now, automated line gave me a number to press, didn’t work and got cut off, tried again, given another number, didn’t work and again got cut off.
    nearly Gave up.
    tried the chat again, explained about changing to Visa debit cart as default, he asked  when I received the Amazon original e-mail.
    Also told him we were expecting a following e-mail telling us about the £20 credit.
    he said it would be automatically added when we made a purchase, as a discount.
    Anyway, as joint  Prime account holder I had some money left in my gift card wallet and so he added £20 to that, my default payment has always been an entirely different debit card.
     Very strange, even stranger was when my other half, who is the prime account holder, had checked his account, the default had actually gone back to Visa credit! Had to change it back to to Visa debit!
    What a palaver.
    I’ve just read through this saga before posting, do not make sense to me either!

    There is no such thing as a joint Prime account. (Just like a credit Card account) What you partner has done is set up Amazon Household to share their account.
    As such only they should be able to claim the bonus to switch cards.

    Given that you already had a Visa Debit as default you played a blinder to get the £20, as you really should not have.
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  • SallySunshineSallySunshine Forumite
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    Perhaps I didn’t explain myself clearly.
    I have had an Amazon account for some years and used my personal bank debit card. Mainly for Kindle books. Also by depositing a sum in a gift card and occasionally topping it up.
    My O.H set his Amazon account up and used his credit card which then takes payment from our joint bank account.
    Then we decided to add Prime, still using the same Visa credit card, and added me as a family member. I use this to my advantage by getting Prime Kindle Books and occasionally buying gifts etc.
    He received the e-mail as he is the account holder warning him about Visa credit card not being accepted after the cut off date, nothing about any  reward etc. and after reading about the offer on this site he added aVisa debit card as default.
    There was no follow up e-mail from Amazon.
    That is when I started to follow this topic/thread.

    Don’t think I have played a blinder as you say. 
    It definitely took time and effort to sort this out, the Amazon associate on the chat said my husband would have £20 credited when he next bought something.

    I was rather sceptical so asked how could I confirm this, he was probably so fed up with me he added it to my gift card account.

    There was no need for me to give such a detailed account but was hoping to help others by telling them to use Amazon chat/phone contact.

  • born_againborn_again Forumite
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    TBH. Amazon should not have been talking to you about your partners account. It should have been done by your partner.

    I wonder if Amazon have not really understood your case.
    Perhaps get your partner to call up and see if they too get the £20. Double bonus. 👍
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  • SallySunshineSallySunshine Forumite
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    I went through the chat line from my Amazon account, which is linked through sharing Prime, so no doubt the agent could check  who the other account holder was as I did tell him.
    this is just a guess
     I’m still puzzled as to why when we checked, after I’d closed down chat, my husbands account payment had reverted back to Visa Credit card.
    he then changed it back to required Visa Debit.
    don’t think Amazon would have been able to change that?

    lots of other posters seem to be as mystified as I was and it does seem a bit of a dog’s dinner.
    I was determined to get to the bottom of this, and if I’d been told to forget it by the agent I probably would have.
    The £20 added to my gift card balance will probably be used as part payment for a blood pressure monitor! 😉

  • mcpitmanmcpitman Forumite
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    Done yesterday (from Visa to MasterCard), £20 voucher available to use immediately.

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