Bathroom renovation cost

Hi there,

I was just wondering what people's experiences was of having their bathrooms renovated.

I'd like to get my modest 6x7 foot bathroom renovated but all the adverts I see for bathrooms on-line, on Facebook etc seem exorbitant - at least £3.5k upwards. Is this what it actually costs everyone else??

I know labour is a big part of it but seen as you can get a three piece suite for say £500 I don't get why the rest costs so much for a suite and some plastic panelling for the walls!

Any experience/tips?

Thank you


  • Depends what you are after. 

    I had mine gutted and reconfigured which meant all the pipes and electricals changed, walls plasterboarded then plastered. The suite itself was not expensive, but the trims were and it cost c£5k (this was 2 years ago).
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    A 3 piece suite is simply delivered and that's job done.  For a new bathroom all the existing suite has to be removed and probably existing tiling removed and walls potentially repaired prior to retiling. Then the new suite plumbed in, tiling or panelling installed.  That is all labour intensive and you have the cost of the suite, taps, waste, tiling or panelling etc.  Costs soon add up.
  • Not very money saving, but having ensuite replaced and it's costing just over £17000. 
  • danrv
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    You’re paying for the labour mostly and speed of work.
    Sometimes the work isn’t of good quality. Depends who’s doing it.
    Bathroom companies are in demand because in most cases, a quick turnaround is needed.
    I’m doing my whole bathroom myself for around £1800. It’s not quick but I can make do.
  • When I renovate houses, I budget £5k-10k per bathroom depending on whether it's basic 3 piece suite or tanked walk in shower etc
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    Redoing a bathroom to last is a proper building job that takes around two weeks in labour.    

    If you want something that is built to last, it takes time.   And time is what costs money.  
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  • spo2
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    We did ours recently and it was over £7k. That was tiled from floor to ceiling, new suite, towel radiator and window. In our last house we did it on a budget and were able to save loads by using panelling round the bath/shower and painting the walls rather than tiling, and also using lino on the floor
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    Had my small bathroom ripped out, bath & sink replaced then had wall panels put over the existing tiles & all in all had change out of £1300.
  • As mentioned in a couple of other posts, labour in bathrooms is usually the biggest cost, followed by tiles and fittings. I've recently moved house and we are doing the master bathroom on a "medium" budget - Which basically (to me at least) means getting "decent" quality stuff and that will last, but doing most of the labour myself.

    For reference, its 3.3m x 2.3m, and will house a shower, bath, sink and toilet, along with a full "replumb" of all parts - I've spent not far off 3 grand on the fittings and pipework etc, another 2k on tiles and so far I've put in about 35 hours of work - I'm currently at the stage of putting a new floor down as the old one was damaged, but my 35 hours so far has been stripping out, making good, running new pipework/waste etc and cutting most of the new floor - I expect another 3-4 weekends worth of work in total to get it all done. I'd hate to think what my labour costs would be for someone to come and do it all for me, but I wouldn't expect change from 3k, and wouldn't be shocked if it was quite a bit more.
  • Hi, 
    Not sure if we're late to the party with this post, but as a couple have mentioned above, the biggest cost you'll typically face with bathroom renovation is labour. Especially if you're looking at moving utilities such as toilet/ shower etc around, plumbers can be expensive at the best of times. Not to mention hard to get hold of during COVID times. 

    We did some research back last year and found the average cost was £7K which seems like a really hefty amount, but this includes complete stripping and re-gutting of the entire bathroom with labour costs. I've attached a screengrab from the blog that broke down some of the average prices on utilities for you to take a look at and some of the cheapest prices available online for each.
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