TALKTALK -Worst provider in UK

My biggest mistake was choosing talktalk as my broadband provider, when things go wrong, they don't seem to try to fix it, plenty of lies and empty promises but nothing really gets done, they just don't seem to care one bit, , they tell you a manager would call but no one calls, you call again. same thing all over again, in the mean time the customer has to manage with crap connection, the engineer never even bothered to showup , not that imatters to talktalk, I have heard one horror story after another and endless terrible reviews by customers, I heard that under current ceo things are getting from bad to worse, I know someone in poor health and house bound, that did not stop them treating them badly, If I had any idea how bad this company is I would NEVER have joined, I have never experienced such bad service and indifference by any other company.


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    I understand your frustration

    I have had problems with my internet for a month now. Had 2 engineers out.

    I have told them I will be leaving them, even though I am still in contract, if the service goes down again.

    I certainly will not be renewing my contract with them when it expires.
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    I will not be renewing either. My internet is constantly dropping out. Talktalk is denying any local issues but when I put a post on Facebook I found other people near me are experiencing problems too.  I have an engineer coming on Wednesday after the second weekend in a row with very little service. I have posted separately about their intrusive medical questions. I tried posting three times as the service kept crashing. 
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    I see that I am not the only vulnerable customer they mistreated, this is common, whenever you call them they tell you they prioritise vulnerable customers, what a joke, I have a heart condition so I am one, they screwed me in every way possible, I experienced very bad connection last year, they made me wait 3 weeks for an engineer who never bothered to turnup or even call, instead of the copensation I was entitled to and they promised me this disguting compant actually PENALISED me not once  but TWICE , so I wait 3 weeks, stay home all day waiting, he doesn't showup and who is punished? The vulnerable customer! It really beggars belief but this is talktalk, the company that "cares " about the sick and vulnerable, so in effect I had £60 stolen from me but they really couldn't care less,in addittion they left me 3 months with this crap connection, the CEO office didn't lift a finger to help, their incomptence is only surpassed by their callousness, am employee of that office led to believe that she wanted to help giving a contact number knowing fully well she had absolutely no intention of talking to me let alone do anything, despite many calls and messages not one single reply and everytime I called her I had to listen to her recorded message that "her priority is vulnerable cutomers" I had to listen to this obscenity time and time again knowing the woman was crapping on me but it seems it amused her, never ever before with any other company I experienced such evil, I had to deal with this when I had a heart problem, the woman actually complained that I was sending her too many emails, it seems she is quite fragile, reading emails was too much for her but no problem for her that a vulnerable customer was having crap connection and mistreated, that was okay as long as she wasn't bothered, all this only further harmed my health, not that talktalk could give a damn. I regret so much having chosen this company from hell as my provider.
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    Had you registered with TT as vulnerable ?? many post on here who have not registered as vulnerable .
    This post is just a rant and should be in Praise VENT and warnings board .
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    @JJ_Egan, member @Raydon_5 has "vented" previously on exactly the same issue, both here

    and on the TT Forum under the username "ramzy"

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