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Homeowners: did any of you discover your new place had a surprise feature AFTER moving in?



  • MissRMB
    MissRMB Forumite Posts: 15
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    Other then the previous owners leaving bags filled with bags filled with bags (etc.), we have found: a leaf blower in the shed, graffti under the wallpaper with some interesting drawrings and an old washing line thing (those ones you stick in the ground and open) but it has been covered in ivy and shrubs so will take some work before we can dig it out... We haven't taken the carpets up yet, so who knows what else we may come across! 
  • Bluebell1000
    Bluebell1000 Forumite Posts: 1,021
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    JIL said:
    We found loads of stuff in the loft. We got a man to come and take the rubbish away (checked he was registered) I still smile at the sight of the large teddy bear sitting on the Van's front seat with a seatbelt around it as it drove away. 
    Did you buy our old house? It wasn't until after my Dad had moved that he said he'd left some bits in the loft, including two large teddies I'd had when I was little. Still a bit gutted about that.
  • Davesnave
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    Slinky said:
    writer5 said:
    Discovered beautiful oak herringbone floor thoughout the ground floor, all hidden by manky, stained carpet. Result!

     when we took out the old gas fire and had the fireplace blocked up we discovered an old Daily Telegraph from 1976 under a piece of slate which the gas fire was standing on.  I put it back in the wall along with a recent Sunday Times for somebody else to find in the future.
    Ah, but will they thank you? Under the bathroom floor in our old semi, I found a local newspaper with an advert for the last two houses on our little estate. I photocopied that bit and included it in the paperwork we gave our buyers a few years later.
    They'd just paid us 135 times more for the property than it cost when brand new!

  • olgadapolga
    olgadapolga Forumite Posts: 2,185
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    writer5 said:
    Discovered beautiful oak herringbone floor thoughout the ground floor, all hidden by manky, stained carpet. Result!
    Whereas we had beautiful wooden flooring throughout the ground floor which was hiding manky, stained, infested carpet.

    We discovered this when stripping wallpaper; the skirting fell off with the wallpaper (or maybe it was stuck to the wallpaper) and a load of insects crawled out . . . ugh.

    The flooring had to be removed to get to the carpet, which was the most disgusting thing I had ever set eyes on (including the multiple sodden, filthy duvets under the seven liners of the garden pond). Wondered where the 'cat urine' smell that permeated the ground floor had originated from. Couldn't afford to replace it so ended up with carpets and tiles.

    Other little treats included buried rubbish (stuff that the everyday folk would put in the bin, like plastic meat/chicken trays, crisp wrappers, bags for life), and a pond full of things like lawn mowers and fire pits. Oh, and the garden also had the remains of a wall (ie, the bricks and mortar) that had been removed when an extension was added. Previous occupant decided to bury rather than dispose of it. Bits keep floating to the surface, two years later.
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