Haven't had a bill in 20 months.

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Hi all, 

Can someone please give me some advise?

I moved into a new build house Jan 2021. The first thing I did was contact all the utility companies to set up direct debits. All good until I contacted Thames Water and I was told my house didn't exist. I was told to call back in a few weeks which I did only to be told the same thing. I then rang back every week for 6 months and was given all sorts of excuses why they couldn't find my account. By this time we were well into Covid lockdown and I couldn't even get hold of anyone so I just stopped ringing. I contacted the house developer and they sent me a copy of the email with the meter reading, that they sent Thames Water on our exchange date, so there is a record of us moving in. 
I'll be honest I have stuck my head in the sand a bit, which I now regret. I also regret not contacting Thames Water by email as I don't have a paper trail.
I'm now worried I'm going to get hit with a massive bill. 
I am going to contact them again soon but I need to know what my rights are in regards of a fair way to pay off the last 20 months. Do I have any rights??
Can anyone give me any advise Please?

Many thanks in advance,



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