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I'll move to the UK soon and I'll need a temporary "broadband" connection. I've used 4G before and it worked OK.
The easiest option seems to be ASDA mobile - however, I have a few questions. They only support UK bank cards so I will only be able to recharge in store.
The Vodafone deal no longer has vouchers and it seems the only option is with a top-up card (which doesn't seem to come automatically with the sim).

I have a few questions if I may:
- can I purchase a £30 bundle directly so that the sim card comes preloaded with the bundle? or can I only purchase a 50p sim card?
- if the latter, can I purchase a top-up card in store and assign it to the card (via a phone call by the looks of it) so then I can purchase £30 worth of credit and activate the bundle  (via sms BUN30)?
- anyone had any issues using an ASDA bundle (unlimited) in a wi-fi modem? They allow tethering (limited at 150mbps) - I found nothing around using it in a wi-fi modem.

Thank you.


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    Have you checked if vodafone have a good signal for you - the online coverage maps are not always 100% accurate - I tried a few different sims to check who had best signal for me.
    Lebara use vodafone's signal and have unlimited data  - I use over 200gb per month with them with no problems and you can top up through your online Lebara account - it is a 30 day contract so no commitment beyond that.

    Asda seem to have 2 methods to top up - see here 
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    I'm not too worried about signal as it's a temporary solution.

    Lebara is not an option as they don't allow tethering.

    I read the ASDA support page on topping up but it's not clear where can I buy that top-up card - ie: can I get it in store at the same time as the SIM card?
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    The ASDA sim I bought in-store came with a top-up card. I think it had to be linked to the sim via a phone call. The ASDA sim I obtained by online request did not include the card. Can be ordered online later. 

    Top-up card of itself provides no credit to sim, it's just a linking mechanism for adding credit via retailers. It is provided gratis. 
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    I'd be very wary of joining Asda Mobile at the moment.  I've just left them having been with them for about three weeks.

    They have been in the process of transferring their underlying network from EE to Vodafone and take 3 days to reply if you email them. My problem was that I added funds and then tried to buy a bundle and it kept failing.

    Look at the reviews on the Which? website and TrustPilot and I think it'll put you off!
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    "Lebara is not an option as they don't allow tethering."

    According to their f.a.q. s they do. Answer to whether tethering is allowed -
    "Yes, your data allowance can be used to tether multiple devices or create a mobile hotspot when outside a wifi-zone."

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    @gavinbaxter - thanks for letting me know - I'll buy the sim in store so that I won't have to wait for the delivery - good to know it comes with the topup card - I understood from their help zone how it works, a bit unusual but as long as it works, it's fine.

    @Murmansk - thanks for the heads up - did you figure out eventually what was the issue or did you not manage to get the bundle?

    @oldagetraveller1 - thanks for the updated information. I got my incorrect information from the prepaid sim with data wikia website (which compares providers) - considering they're £5 cheaper than Asda it may be worthwhile going with them as both use Vodafone network (and I don't have a 5G modem - I see lebara is 4G only but I don't mind).

    Thanks all for all your helpful answers.

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    I can't seem to edit my post but I see Lebara now also has 5G (I had old info again it seems)
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