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    Tried to reply to CP's post, but even that is a trial.
    It keeps telling me they body is 9 characters short.  Please read this as a reply as frankly I CBA to keep trying, retyping, trying to C&P etc...

    Really sorry to read this. Will try and remember not to tag you in anything.
    Those false promises and lengthy silences have made a difficult situation so much more difficult to stomach.

    I fondly remember the days of 2/3 wins a week, easy search, logging into chat first for the camaraderie...
    It all seems a bit hard work these days. Gone is the comping on the laptop as I watch the soaps.

    Recent events have made me question the pleasure I get from comping against the stress and I confess to only posting a tiny fraction of the comps I once did. Nor do I engage in the chats that aim to improve the comping experience for all. Just feel ignored and unlistened-to without any sign of things improving

    Take care and fruitful comping xxx
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    I've just heard from one more long-term member who is now looking around for another comping site  :'(

    Blu XXX 
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    Blulu said:
    I've just heard from one more long-term member who is now looking around for another comping site  :'(

    Blu XXX 
    If you find a decent alternative, feel free to share x
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    Blulu said:
    I keep telling myself to just give up on this, but I can't do it.

    I just don't get how this ridiculous search system can be considered effective for any part of MSE, whether it's 'working properly' or not. I don't remember ever seeing such a complicated search system on any other large organisation's site. The standard everywhere is to make it simple to use. You type the word/s you want to search on in the box, you click enter and at some point in the process you have options to sort and/or filter the results. Doing this works well on so many other popular sites. I know the comping forum is just a part of MSE, but do non-comping users actually like this search system and find it to be effective? I seriously doubt it.

    After two years of waiting, or however long it's been, MSE finally acknowledged that they are not going to fundamentally change this complicated system. That was the answer I'd been waiting for. It wasn't the answer I wanted, but I accept it. It allows me to finally make an informed choice as to whether MSE is or isn't going to become a 'fit for purpose' comping forum again.

    One-eye's 'get-around' method, along with cornishpasty's bookmarkable link to it, definitely helps, up to it going pear-shaped again anyway. But how will newer members find their way to this get around? And why should we need a 'get around' anyway? We've lost many long-term users, leaving the forum nowhere near the excellent comping resource it used to be. Frankly, I don't see that improving with things staying as they are now.

    I'm really sad about this. I still plan to be around for chat and stuff like that. I love the social aspect of the forum, and have made a lot of comping friends here. As for comping from here, however, well, it's definitely not fit for purpose anymore, in my honest opinion.

    Blu XXX

    I don't make New Year's resolutions, but after much deliberation I have decided to admit defeat and give up on comping all together, not just on this site. 

    There have been too many false promises and we're getting nowhere.

    Gone are the glory days when we had a friendly community spirit and loads of comps were posted as it was easy to do, and search worked efficiently.

    I wish you all the best of luck, and please could someone pick up any comps I would normally have posted?

    Very sorry to hear
    Suspect the forum's on it's last legs anyway - notice it's down to only 57 pages today
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    I came to enter some competitions today for the first time in months. It's just too frustrating with pages repeating and competitions appearing randomly the day after you entered (I enter by end date).

    I actually came to The Compers Chat to complain about the search function and found this thread. Glad it wasn't me going mad that couldn't only search the competitions for what I wanted!

    I'm not sure how many years I've been a member but I'm also completely disillusioned with the whole site, and sad to see familiar (comping) names leaving. I never win anything anymore and would happily sign up to a new site with the functionality that the old MSE had.
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