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I recently started looking at my credit reports and found that I've got like 6 years of debt for a local water company who are still charging me monthly and those payments are affecting my score. I rang the company and told them I haven't lived there in like 5 years and they requested proof from my old landlord but I can't get in contact with him as I don't have his number or details and the old property is no longer his anyway. I've also moved around 5-6 times since so it's going to be difficult getting proof of all my addresses since. I did tell the company that someone must still be using my name on that address to this day and that's fraud but they don't care one bit. The onus is on me apparently but it makes no sense that a account with so much debt is still active, surely they would stop supplying to that address until debts are settled? I just want to know what I can do to get them to stop billing me.


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    The water company cannot just stop supplying water.

    If they are still billing you, I assume you didn't notify the company you were leaving and settle the bill??

    How about council tax? Perhaps the local council have a date for you leaving the property that you could send to the  water company.

    It is not fraud if occupant(s) get envelopes, addressed to you, that they throw in the bin.
  • YOU haven't checked your credit report for 6 YEARS, and now you want to start blaming other people. Seriously when you move you MUST tie up loose ends, and see that they are reported correctly, this is YOUR responsibility.6 years!!! It's astounding....
    Old enough to know better...........

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    How are they supposed to know you have left if you don't tell them???
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    There was a recent poster who had failed to notify his Water supplier for years that he had moved in and had been ignoring letters to the previous occupier.  He was expecting a very big bill.

    In your case it would also appear that the incoming tenants/owners had also been lax in contacting the suppliers.
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