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Anyone considering a Plusnet Bolt On because they've run out of data..... FORGET IT.
Did mine on 27th July and still not working despite 4 calls to call centre to try and resolve. They're now trying to tell me that it's either a faulty Sim or my Huawei phone is faulty. Really!!! Just by buying a Bolt On? 
It has taken about 4,500,000,000 (4.5 billion) years for the Earth to form as it is now .........
and it'll only take about another 100 years for mankind to really **** it up!!!!


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    I don't believe it!

    [Joking, Victor voice on]

    I can well believe it - typical large company CS- 'we have your money, you get it back if you can' mentality!
    Certain OTT members have caused me to add this disclaimer: all advice given is free of charge & as such should be taken to be IIRC (as I don't spend hours researching all answers :eek: )!
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