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My parents had a Virgin package and when my dad died we looked at what he was paying for the internet, tv and broadband it was a rip off, anyway, I managed to reduce this right down to the basic package for my mother, only staying with Virgin because the phone line was already connected. Virgin insisted on putting the account into my mother's name and sending out new equipment. On the day of the switch over, my elderly mother had no phone, no internet, no TV and her fall alarm would not work. The night before I had received a text (I'm managing her account) saying that the new equipment from Virgin would be delivered the next day, the day of switch over. However, she had a hospital appointment and so I rescheduled the delivery for the next working day, which was a Monday. Never in my wildest dreams did I realise what trouble this would cause. I was on the phone for over two hours, got cut off several times and told that it wasn't a case of just keeping things going until the new equipment had arrived, that it was my fault for rescheduling the delivery and that they could keep my dad's old account going if they tied him ( a dead man ) into an 18 month contract. Getting through to the bereavement team I was told that they usually required 24 hours disconnection time due to having to keep the 999 calls open. This makes no sense, we had no dial tone on the landline, so how could we call 999? The upshot is my mother has to wait two whole days with no service. We did not want new equipment, we just wanted to reduce the package and keep going. My stress levels are through the roof. Can't believe the hassle this has caused, on top of everything else we're dealing with. I'm so upset and will never touch Virgin again.  I'm wondering how to take this issue forward and want to warn other people about this dreadful company.  


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