Mobile company wire across my land

Good morning all,  Question.  A mobile company (Not Openreach) has inserted two poles which are not on my land, but the wire does runs across. Firstly the company came onto my property without permission and chopped a few branches down from one of my trees. (I got a letter of a sort of apology from the company) I guess that was for ease of placing the wire between the poles. So 2 questions
1/ Shouldn't they have asked permission to have the wire across the land in the first place and should there be a wayleave
2/ One of the trees has grown back and is now touching the wire - as I didn't give them permission to have the wire across the land, whose responsibility is it?  I really don't want to starting having more branches etc chopped back especially at my expense. (The land to the property is quite big 70ft long and the trees are away from the house)   TIA


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