Switch broadband supplier to save, then get charged to reconnect CCTV

The last twice that I have switched broadband suppliers, my CCTV has no longer worked. Every CCTV technician that I have asked, tell me that I need them to re-connect, so the charge eats up the money saved on switching. Anyone any ideas to a solution. Thanks John 


  • kaMelo
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    It depends upon what you mean by "CCTV no longer works."
    As you're talking about changing broadband I'm assuming what you mean is your CCTV is no longer connected to your home network, so not viewable over the internet, as you've changed router?
    If so then it shouldn't need an engineer to come out to do so, it should only be a small change the settings within the CCTV or router admin. What you need to do will depend upon the product and the exact problems you're having however. 

    You'll need to be more detailed in what's going on and what product you're talking about, just saying it's not working is not really enough to go on.  Have you tried looking online for a manual for your specific product for guidance in how to set them up?
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    When you change to a new internet provider and get a new router and a new network - nothing works - it all has to be reconnected. Most things are easy - on our phones we just click 'join network' enter the password and off we go, and it works similarly with many of our gadgets. Your CCTV system should be the same if it's connecting wirelessly - however most CCTV systems are better if connected by LAN cable. You'll have to give us details of what system you have - and what 'doesn't work' after you've changed providers.
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    I think there will be a bit more to it than just a password for the CCTV if they are accessing it over the internet. 

    I can think of three things that will probably need to happen.
    1. DDNS resolution (assuming the OP is on a dynamic IP)
    2. Static IP address allocation to the CCTV
    3. Port forwarding to allow access to the CCTV feeds over the internet.
    I would imagine the CCTV manufacture offers a solution to number 1 and provides instructions for solving numbers 2 and 3.

    This is of course all guesswork without a more detailed explanation of the problem.

    As a side note this is also why I'd always recommend using your own router, set once and forget.
    The ISP supplied routers are usually a bit rubbish too.
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