Samsung S20FE Dual sim?

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Hi All

I have recently gotten a S20FE (upgraded from a S7).

The videos I have watched on youtube appear to suggest this is a dual sim phone, however, do other people use the other sim space to add a sim to benefit from freebies / rewards and if so, what should I look at?


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    I use a second sim as coverage backup for trips to bits of the UK where mobile coverage can be patchy so need sims from two different providers (or MVNOs), in my case Vodafone and 1p (EE). Vodafone have a freebie/reward programme (VeryMe) but it's a bit naff ("free Costa coffee for first 1000 replies" is typical) and not worth considering as a reason to subscribe.
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    I have a three SIM in the second slot.  It's pay as you go, but has 200mb free each month.

    On the rare times I have no coverage, it's useful.  Costs me nothing.
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    This handset can be a single SIM or a hybrid dual SIM (second slot takes a SIM or SD card). If you obtained it from a network it's more likely to be the single SIM model. You can check in settings whether there is dual SIM setup.

    Dual SIM is much more versatile in several ways, especially for travel, I would never consider buying a single SIM handset.
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    I prefer a dual sim to separate my personal life from business life.
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