Mamia vs Pampers?

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I've saw the adverts, I've saw the reviews. Confused as to which is better. Mamia obviously being the much cheaper option but noone wants leaky nappy!

Any one had experience with either?


  • comeandgocomeandgo Forumite
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    Cant praise Mamia enough.  Brilliant nappies for my two girls.
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    Mamia if between the two. We had zero leaks

    Pampers leaked for us every time. 

    However overall we rated Sainsbury's and stuck with them from size 3 onwards as they never leaked & had a stretchy back for comfort. Sainsbury's was closer too which helped. 
  • scottishblondiescottishblondie Forumite
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    We were gifted some Pampers when LO1 was a newborn, and found them quite leaky.  We used Mamia otherwise and found them great.  We did however move to Pampers nappy pants when LO was about 18 months for overnights, as we found they did the best for that.  We did try the Mamia nappy pants but they weren't as good.  He's toilet trained during the day now, but still wears Pampers at night.

    With LO2 we've used up to size 2 Mamia.  But I noticed that the size 3 Mamia nappies are getting slated in more recent reviews, so we opted to try out Lidl's Lupilu nappies in size 3 instead, and they have been excellent. 
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    Mamia have served us really well. Thinking about trying out cloth nappies for our next though!
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    There’s no ‘right’ answer, because different brands of nappy suit different children, in the same way that different brands of children’s clothing fit different children better 🤷🏻‍♀️
    It’s just a matter of finding the brand that suits your particular child
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