Thames water bill went up after meter installation

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Hi, how can I have Thames water, reducing the price of water usage. My bill went up from £23 to 69 monthly… for the past 5 month I have been living by be self as my family needed to go for health issues… I have contact them and ask how they come up with the price tag ( £???x Lt= amount to pay ), there are not other providers so are free to sting customers, but they said that they will not change the price. Thank you 


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    Welcome to the forum.
    There is no way a single metered customer with Thames water will have £69 monthly water bill.
    Presumably the meter was fitted compulsorily?
    Were you in arrears on your account prior to having the meter fitted?
    If you read the meter and go to the Thames website you can work out exactly how much your bill will be since the meter was fitted - for your area of Thames water.
    If you are certain that £69 is too much, you don't have to pay by direct debit and you can pay on receipt of the bill every 6 months; but you will have to pay off any arrears straight away.

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    Cardew said:
    There is no way a single metered customer with Thames water will have £69 monthly water bill.
    It's possible that @AlainRossi has a leak somewhere on his property that wasn't previously spotted? Otherwise I agree, I don't see how a single-person household can get through something like a cubic metre of water a day. We're a household of four and use less than half that.
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    I can't see anything that explains the actual set up of the property but if this is for a flat then perhaps the bill is for the whole building or at least some of the other flats or business underneath?   
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    Sounds like the meter was fitted on a leak. Do a flow test to rule a leak out, then call the water company
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