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Hope someone can help with my understanding. 
I have an iPhone and am moving from a Tesco pay monthly to a different network sim only.
I completed an unlock request at Tesco mobile and they send me a text a few days later about putting sim in and connecting to ITunes??
I phoned them for advice and couldn’t get through but did get a PUK code from an automated option. Is this my unlock code? Where does ITunes come into it please?
I have the PAC code for switching my number and will submit to my new sim provider once the sim arrives, and once they confirm it has switched I can then change SIM card over in iPhone. 
Is this when I need to use this PUK code when putting my new activated sim in the iphone to ensure it is unlocked?
Sorry am sure this is obvious to many but the first time I am doing this so want to check the sequence.
Thank you.


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