Moving House but contact ends this month

We are with British Gas and our contract ends on 31st May.
two weeks ago we had an offer accepted on our house, so we will be moving AFTER our contact ends, am I right in thinking as long as the new contact has no exit fees we can move  with no problem.
And a further issue we are currently on a dual fuel contract and the new house DOES NOT have Gas if the new contact is dual fuel and we are using it in this house will we be penalised when we move and there is no Gas 
It used LPG by the way, and there is no Gas anywhere in the village, so I very much doubt we will ever get gas


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    You'll be on BG's expensive standard tariff, but there won't be any exit fees.  However, you can't take BG with you.  You'll have to tell BG of your new address and moving date, and give final readings on the completion day.
    At the new property you need to register with the existing electricity supplier and give an opening meter reading.  You can then move to BG or any other supplier you choose.
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    Thank you Gerry1, we are definitely taking out a new contract with someone and will probably just take out Electric only so the Gas stays with BG, this time of year our gas use will be minimal so we will not pay much more then we can easily move with no exit fees from BG
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    You can't take your contract with you.
    On moving day, give BG your meter readings and then your contract with them is closed. (You may have to be on their 'standard tariff' for the last few days/weeks but that's just something you will have to accept.
    Once at the new house, give your incoming readings to the supplier of your choice and away to go.
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