Been paying for neighbours water usage on top of my own usage for just short of 8 years.

 I had an external water meter installed on the 26/06/13. I thought this was a good idea because I lived alone in a three bed semi and at the time I was paying roughly £520 per year. All seemed OK, I was paying less than the rateable value of my home and I was saving money by having a water meter.

 Four years ago my water bills started rising and they gradually got seriously expensive, Adding up my latest four quarterly bills they add up to £800, I've been terrified, Scared to use water because it was so expensive, Showering less, washing clothes less and probably only flushing the toilet once or twice a day, It's had a real impact on my quality of life and my mental well being. Knowing how frugal I've been with water I was in total shock when I received my latest quarterly bill from Yorkshire Water, I rang them immediately to complain, I was told wrong information regarding the installation date of my meter. I spoke to someone from YW customer service who asked me to turn off my internal stop !!!!!! and go look at my water meter readings, To my horror my meters numbers were moving when I wasn't using water.

 On the 13/03/21 a Yorkshire Water technician came to my property and tested my meter, Just over a week later 22/03/21 Yorkshire Water wrote to me confirming that I'd been charged for my neighbours usage since day 1 of my meter being installed. The letter also informed me that I was to expect a cheque for £1564.22p.
 Prior to knowing the meter was incorrectly installed I'd spoken to Yorkshire Water regarding my fear of using their expensive water and how it had affected  my life and by them knowing this I expected compensation, I've been offered £160 which is £20 per year, I was told the interest on the £1564.22 was only £45 and would have to be taxed so they increased the compensation to reflect this, I've refused the compensation and refused the cheque that has now been cancelled. I'm not getting much satisfaction from Yorkshire Waters supposed customer care, I'm finding them quite ignorant and rude, I've been told I can't speak with the Customer Service Manager let alone the Chief Exec.
 I'm currently liaising with Yorkshire Water's customer care team but I'm being given the run around, I've asked for revised bills showing correct amounts and usage but been sent yet again a copy of the old bills (I now have three sets) I was sent a document with revised amounts but that was incorrect because some bills hadn't been amended. I simply don't trust Yorkshire Water anymore, Today (20/04/21) they refused to send me CORRECT amended bills saying it wasn't possible but surely how did they reach a figure to reimburse me without any calculations to work from? Am I wrong in thinking that any utility supplier is legally obligated to provide customers with correct bills (Estimated bills not included) ? If they can't provide correct bills then I'm surely entitled to recover all money paid to them.

 It's been an eye opener to me how this utility company treats it's customers, I'm appalled, If I had an alternative for water then they'd gladly get my custom. I seriously do not want to communicate with Yorkshire Water any further, I fully understand why YW like to deal with complaints over the phone, I could not find an e-mail address for YW complaints anywhere.

 Any advice would be appreciated, This whole charade is getting me down now, Yorkshire Water customer services have been time wasting, Not once have I been asked if I wanted my complaint escalating, I did that today, I understand the process of complaining, I've considered using Resolver on here for which I've had good results, With Resolver there's the element of transparency which YW lacks.

 One last thing, If you have a water meter (mainly an external one) Please turn off your internal stop !!!!!! and go look at your water meter to see if it's reading usage.

Thank You



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    Welcome to the forum.

    Contact the Consumer Council for Water

  • Thank You Cardew.
  • Might be able to help you here. 

    In a former incarnation, I was "the enemy" and worked in a call centre. One of my jobs was for Thames Water, the problem is that you can't change suppier, so they know they have you.

    If they admit you are on a joint supply, and they cannot meter you due to it, they must put you on the AHC (Assessed Household Charge) and backdate it.

    They REALLY won't like that you know that! 

    I freely admit that I don't know much about interest rates and working out compensation, I'm not that intelligent, but I know that they must refund you all the difference. 

    As for the fact you can't contact the CEO? Fairy Godcallie to the rescue!

    [email protected]

    If you need help with the email, just shout. 

    I'm off sick from my current job (not in a call centre) at the moment, so your wish is my command :smiley:

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