Now TV voucher not being honoured

In 2019 Currys were doing a 50% off streaming media upgrade on the NOW TV stick. I took in my old NOW TV box and got a new stick and 3 month cinema pass in a sealed box. I also use Amazon Prime, so it wasn't until this week that I noticed the unused voucher, scratched off the backing and tried to enter the code. It was not recognised so I had a chat with customer services. They asked me to send a photo of the voucher, which I did.
They could not find the code. At one stage they said it had expired, but also said that vouchers last for 5 years. So that makes no sense since the stick in the sealed box was only produced 3 years ago. There is no mention of expiry date on the voucher. So it has either expired or is somehow otherwise invalid. They insist this is a retailer issue. I am not keen to start a complaint with Currys, It seems obvious that the stick and voucher were valid at the point of sale, and probably for a year or so afterwards. Some internal NOW TV system made this invalid, and I don't see how Currys are liable. No doubt NOW TV invalidate thousands of codes to protect themselves against forgeries or multiple use, but this was in a sealed box with the hardware.
Putting aside the invalid code issue, in effect the voucher represents a promise from Now TV to provide 3 months service, which they are refusing to honour. 
1) If Currys are the retailer, then NOW TV are the manufacturer of the stick. But what is the correct description in relationship to the voucher and the service that it promises?
2) In traditional consumer lt is the retailer with whom the contract is made, and it was Currys that took the money. Are they correct in fobbing me off?


  • Neil_Jones
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    Now TV vouchers do expire, and that's been the case since at least 2018, typically one year.
    However Now TV does not issue codes/vouchers any longer, having moved to a rolling model instead. 

    But the other argument is Now TV was sold as an off-the-shelf offering ready to go with a voucher for entertainment/movies, so all you had to do was buy the box, set it up, set up an account and use the voucher in the box, so in 99% of cases it wasn't even an issue as otherwise you wouldn't be able to watch anything.

    After two years its probably going to be difficult to prove anything either way - T&Cs at - "We [Now TV] may vary, replace or withdraw any service, feature or functionality or channel or content provided as part of a service at any time" - and because that's what happened (ie they don't do vouchers any more), you may be out of luck.  You probably should have activated the voucher earlier - no different in theory to a gift card that you get and then don't use and then wonder why they won't honour it any longer.
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    Do you still have the box?  prove of purchase date?

    IIRC some had the expiry terms on the box
    not sure about the actual vouchers I don't have those.

    I and many others have had vouchers that are timed out activated, each time I did it they still had the voucher in the system.
    do't ever recall going past year of purchase.

    how many times have you tried?
    different customer service rep might  take a different approach. 

    As it happens I still have two brand new, only thing used were the vouchers.

    On the box it says voucher expires one year from purchase

    (can't see retailers notifying each sale so probably a decent time time but they could sit on the shelves for a long time)

    I can't remember when and where but I did get a few from currys
    (docs in the box are a dated 2015 box June 2016)
    4 month movies?
    6 month ent.  29/05/2017  Argos.(receipt in the box)

  • jon81uk
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    This thread is about the gift cards for Now TV not the vouchers in boxes, but it suggests a 12 month expiry Solved: Do shop bought vouchers expire? - NOW Community (

    Someone with the same issue as you here Expired Voucher ... - NOW Community (

    I recall seeing something about a two year expiry, but I haven't used a voucher for Now in years as the do seem to have stopped using them.
  • getmore4less
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    THat may be right shipped with 2 years but some sat on the shelves for more than a year.
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