Octopus agile and solar panels

Hi, I would just like some opinions on something I'm thinking of doing. I moved into a house 6 months ago that already had solar panels and an air source heat pump installed. Ergo my house is 100% electric (no gas in our village). I am currently on a fixed tariff for electric paying 13.151p per kwh. It was the cheapest I could find at the time.
I was wondering if the agile tariff would suit us as we run the heating 24/7 through the winter and I beilieve most water heating is done overnight. I can easily schedule dishwasher etc to either run when the sun is shining or late at night when electric is cheaper.
I don't have EV's which I understand is why most go onto agile.
I'd appreciate any thoughts or input some of you may have. Cheers!


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    Questions of this type usually go in the Green and Ethical MoneySaving section of the forum.  There is a lot of expertise on Octopus tariffs there.
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    You could also try the electricity forum rather than this one which deals with Oil, LPG and other systems (although it does cover heatpumps it's more concerned with their operation rather than their energy supply and bills)

    However a brief answer to your question, you really need to work out when you are using leccy and what uses it to see if the timings would actually fit your lifestyle and consumption profile. Here's a good website as it presents historical Agile (& Go) data in a graphical format so you can see how the pricing works - https://www.energy-stats.uk/octopus-agile/ (always take into account the advice "that past performance is no guarantee of future profits")
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