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Hi we are all aware that we can change energy suppliers when ever we like but apparently we are stuck with our water company 
After switching to a water meter a couple of years ago I saved quite a bit of money as you watch what your doing when you can see the dial on the meter going round all was fine untill last summer when under the new restrictions we were not allowed to go on holidays so we bought a pool and yes used a shed load of water . Then in I think october we received a letter from dwyr Cymru  they were putting up our direct debit payments by £8 a month to compensate for the over spend on the water our previous Bill's were £24 a month the over spend was roughly £20 in total, so I called them up to see why ther was so much of an increase to cover any future overspend I explained it was a one off but got no joy.
I asked why cant I submit a meter reading e very month and pay for what we had used like the gas and electricity company's allow us to do the answer was we dont operate like that so you will have to pay the extra and challenge it again in April  when we will ask you to give us a six monthly reading off the meter do you think this is fair and should we be allowed to just pay for what we use monthly


  • pramsay13
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    Obviously their systems are set up for 6 monthly readings. 
    Your £8 extra a month is only £48 and you will get money back if you haven't used as much as predicted.
    For the sake of waiting another month or so I don't think it's worth getting too worked up about.
  • freesha
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    If everyone requested a bill every month, their prices would need to skyrocket
  • Cardew
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    You have the option of paying bills every 6 months instead of by DD. If you are prepared to read the meter each month you can easily calculate how much the bill is for that month and put that amount in a bank account and pay after 6 months.

    I suspect you are in a very small minority of customers wanting to read water meters monthly and get monthly bills. Also, as stated above, the additional cost of setting up an accounting system to cater for that minority would be huge - and customers would pay for that cost.
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