Storage Heaters - Can Anyone Help?!

Hi all,
For reference, this is a Dimplex CXLN storage heater
My partner and I have just moved into our new home, and are struggling to get to grips with our storage heaters. I understand the concept, but none of our storage heaters appear to have an 'output' dial. It's difficult without being able to show a picture, but essentially the dial on the right is 'Input' (which I understand, no problems there) and the dial on the left is 'Room Temp Boost'. There's also a convector heater setting underneath, which I understand to be a separate, additional heating element to the storage heater.

Every article I read about storage heaters, including Youtube videos, shows storage heaters as having an Input AND an Output dial, but none of mine in the house appear to have this. Unless the 'Room Temp Boost' dial IS the Output dial: I've read though that the room temperature boost setting uses the mains electric as an instant boost, and is therefore much more expensive to run, and is usually used as a boost when you haven't got enough stored electricity.

We would be grateful for the help! We'd love to get this sorted before the Autumn months down the line to avoid us wasting money unnecessarily!



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    You have posted this in the "LPG, Heating Oils, Solid & Other Fuels" section.  If you repost in the correct section of "Energy" (that covers Electricity), then you may get more replies.

    It's not your fault, this section of the Forum is badly designed but MSE don't appear to want to change it.
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