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Italy Traffic Violation Notice, from

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worriedandsleeplessworriedandsleepless Forumite
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Hi all
I have received a traffic violation notice for an offence in 2019 while on holiday in Italy. It's from a company called EasyServ on behalf of the local police.
There is no attached photograph. They tell me the offence was "assessed" in Feb 2020 and I have just recieved the notice in Feb 2021. handily just before 360 dyas have passed from assessment which I understand is the limit. 
I'm okay with paying the fine in principle, I had no idea about ZTLs when driving around, but am worried this is a scam letter and if I bite I will get a whole load more "offences" with no picture evidence.
The Easyserv website looks desperately flimsy and you are taken to a big button to press if you've had a fine letter which then goes to a login page with such sketchy information and what looks like a tease to log on. Logon details and password were in the letter sent.
Does anyone have experience of this website please to know if it is genuine?  


  • greyteam1959greyteam1959 Forumite
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    Have a read of this very old but probably still relevant ??

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    pogofishpogofish Forumite
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    This is almost certainly a private debt collector, which has bought-up (probably for a pittance) penalties the police/Italian authorities have no interest/ability to enforce.  They have no power to make you pay-up and can do nothing beyond sending you letters.  

    Not engaging with them in any way is probably the best bet - There are umpteen examples of these firms (UK and overseas) on other threads in appropriate forums here already and nobody has ever come back with any indication that they follow-on with any action beyond a few scary letters!

  • Thanks for your replies folks.
    all the best
    Worried :)

  • twopennytwopenny Forumite
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    How about posting on the TripAdvisor for the forum for the town where you are said to have broken the rules?
    They would know more about companies that may do this, more specific so it may drum up people who have also fallen foul of it.
    I found some old ones
    There's one for the Telegraph more recent, 2018 if you want to sign in to the site
    Italy does have these rules that are very different to ours. The signs are there by the road in Italian but few visitors work this out before they go.
    If you do pay do it by credit card not wire transfer.
    There are several on this site about Itailian traffic fines if you search 'paying italian driving fines easyserv' but not that particular company.
    The issue here is do you want to return to Italy and drive? If this is genuine and you don't pay it may cause problems in the future.
    But I'd advise asking on the TA forum though it's very slow at the moment.

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    maxsteammaxsteam Forumite
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    You mention the website as being flimsy when you go to the ifn sub-domain. Flimsy is not the right word for the main domain. For a laugh, try going to and clicking on "welcome". Neither page has any relevance whatsoever to Italy, debt collecting, fines, driving, etc. but, if you can find the right thread, you will find details about how to set up a web site properly.
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