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Good afternoon. I've just moved into a new build property owned by housing association. They gave me phone number to eon and meter reading to phone them and sort out the bill for me as a tenant. When I ring them I will be most likely put into standard, most expensive tariff. Should I instead go through Cheap energy club or first ring them and then try to change supplier.

I mean eon has now best tariff for new customers in this club, but will I be treated as a new customer when I already got my first bill, probably not. What would be the best option for me now. It is a dual fuel. Never paid utility bills because they were included in the rent in my previous house. 

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    I'm guessing that EON are the current suppliers to the property.  That being the case, it's important that you submit a meter reading to them on the day you move in, so that you will receive an accurate bill for the energy you've used.  Once that is done, then you are free to shop around and switch suppliers - barring any restrictions to the contrary imposed by the HA.  Simplest thing is to just ring up the HA and double-check that they've no objection to you switching supplier - I'd be surprised if there were any restrictions, but it doesn't hurt to double-check.
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    Rules are you will be in a deemed contract with current supplier . Register with them and you are then free to move .
    Meter readings are needed .
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    Thank you. I will do that.
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