Affinity Water fitting water meters

This morning I got a letter from Affinity Water stating that they will be fitting a water meter within the next few months and my household will be automatically switched to metered billing within two years. My bill is currently around £430 per year, not sure if it’ll increase much as a result (me and two teens and a lawn). Anyone else been told by their water company that this is happening? 


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    Quite a few companies in "stressed" areas are authorised to fit meters and TBH its much fairer way of charging for the use of water. We are on a meter (with Anglian Water) and I reckon we are saving around £300+ a year by being on it. being on a meter does make us a bit more aware of what we are using and we don't waste it

    If you check the Affinity website and check out the tariffs for your area comparing your RV rates and standing charges against the cost per cu.m  and standing charges you'll be able to see how much water you can use for £430.

    Maybe you'll be able to save some money if you can manage to be a bit more frugal with it because you'll be actually paying for what you use rather than all you can for a fixed amount.
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  • Thank you for pointing me to the Affinity website. It appears that working from home and remote learning (eg flushing the toilet more often as a result) will result in higher bills than we would usually get, but hopefully when lockdown ends this should improve.
  • Hello, I had the same letter couple of days ago.  What I wanted to know is do we have right to decline them to come and fit the water meter?
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    Hello, I had the same letter couple of days ago.  What I wanted to know is do we have right to decline them to come and fit the water meter?

    You cannot decline to have it fitted, but you can stay on your unmetered tariff for two years.

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    If you are on low income, you can apply for a fixed bill irrespective of the amount of water you use.
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