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I am currently in South Africa arrived 5th December 2020, due to fly back on 11th January 2021.
My airline have cancelled my flights three times: 11th January, 1st February and now 10th February.
This has resulted in my travel insurance expiring as a single trip is for 50 days. My wife and I are now stranded in South Africa with no travel insurance. Has anyone experienced this problem? Any help or advice would be very much appreciated!


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    As all direct flights from S Africa are suspended you will need to arrange an indirect flight. Whether the onus is on your airline to do this I couldn't tell you.
    Have a read of
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    Have you actually spoken to the insurer or are you just accepting that you have no insurance?
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    For a start, contact your insurer. Under the circumstances, many insurers extend cover. Having said that, unless you were travelling for work or some "good reason" you would have been going against FCO advice and so your insurance would have been invalid anyway.

    If you travelled for work then contact your employer and ask them to solve the problem.

    If you lack insurance then note that two companies, Nomads and True Traveller, normally provide travel insurance for British residents who are outside the UK when they need cover to begin. I have no idea whether these companies are operating normally during the pandemic.
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    I had flights booked with Qantas for Dec 14th to Perth. I paid a deposit through a travel agent. Qantas now say that this flight has been re-scheduled  to the 20th December which is not suitable. I say this is a 6 day difference and so is a Cancellation of the original flight and  an offer to change to the 20th. The travel agent is saying the flight has not been cancelled just rescheduled and as such if I don't fly they will only offer a voucher. If there was 1 day difference I might understand but I cannot waste a week of my 3 week holiday. Any thoughts
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    The far more important issue is that your travel agent should have told you the borders of Australia are not going to be open until next year, and Qantas won't be flying the route at all. Hopefully, you have booked with a real travel agent as opposed to some online business in which case go and talk to them ASAP. A change of 6 days is certainly a cancellation even without the slight issue of not being able to travel in any event!
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    Hi there, does anyone have any successful updates on here? I booked via a travel agent so S75 credit card dispute is unavailable. My insurer is unwilling to payout as the agent has issued a "voucher". My problem is that they are now attaching terms to it, there is no guarantee they will offer competitive prices AND they are unwilling to issue a refund of more than 60% of the purchase price. 
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    You'll need to give some information as to what the issue is.
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