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Advice on warmer bed sheets.

Getting into bed these nights is not a pleasant experience, well not for us. 
Just wondering if anyone has any advice on warmer bed sheets and what type and where to buy them. 
I dread getting into bed because the cotton sheets we have are so cold. It does take quite a while to get somewhat near warm but, it is that initial shock to the system I cannot get used to. No matter how long the heating is on it's freezing in that bed. Help!!


  • Jeepers_CreepersJeepers_Creepers Forumite
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    Wife recently bought new duvet sets which have a thick fluffy pile on them. MmmmmmMMMmmmmmm.

    But the best sheet is surely the one with a cable, plug and switch? Give it a half-hour and the chills will have gorn.
  • froggletfrogglet Forumite
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    I have to agree about an electric blanket.
    Once I discovered them 35 years ago after burning my toes on a hot water bottle, getting into bed was transformed. 
     You can turn the heating off in your bedroom as its so cosy in bed.
    Our kids took them to university and converted all their friends.
    Just make sure you have a decent duvet to keep heat in.
  • theoreticatheoretica Forumite
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    I love my hot water bottle.
    It won't just be the sheets, what sort of mattress do you have?  Especially if you have a sprung one rather than foam you might find an insulating layer between mattress and sheet worthwhile.
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    We're all different aren't we?  I HATE warm sheets.  There is nothing better than getting into a cold (not damp) bed.  It sends shivers down my spine, but shivers of enjoyment.  We have our bedroom windows open (on the latch) all year round. We don't have a headboard which means I can turn my pillow over against the cold outside wall several times a night.  Winceyette and brushed cotton are swear words - we sleep in the buff.  Each to their own!
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  • Torry_QuineTorry_Quine Forumite
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    I agree use an electric blanket. You don't need to heat the bedroom

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    The higher the thread count, to cooler sheets feel.  High thread count is silky and luxurious - think of hotel linen. 

    You could puck a lower thread count or even go for brushed cotton, which should feel lovely and warm.  
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  • comeandgocomeandgo Forumite
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    I would agree brushed cotton would be warmer than flat cotton but what sort of mattress cover do you use?  I have a lovely feather topper and find it warm.
  • shinytopshinytop Forumite
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    Can you still get brushed nylon sheets?  The sparks will keep you warm!

    Seriously, an electric blanket with a switch on an app on my phone is sheet luxury for me.  You can have it on very low so that it just takes the chill off and doesn't feel hot.
  • carefullycautiouscarefullycautious Forumite
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    I use a brushed cotton sheet on the mattress which keeps us warm with our hot water bottles. I see you can buy warm quilt covers now
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