A question for people in Scotland - have you had an ASHP fitted by Greener Energy Group?

They have glowing reviews on Trustpilot but I am dubious as I think they also flog those German heaters which are a con. They are coming to survey for an ASHP next week.  I have a quote from a local firm but suspect that Greener Energy Group may be cheaper so would be very interested to hear of anyone's experience. Thanks


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    The main thing is to get several quotes (at least three) to ensure that the offering is substantially similar in it's scope (similar sized heat pump, similar sized, hot water tank & radiators etc and similar heating and energy consumption calculations ). Suspect any that are wildly different either in scope or price should be viewed with a modicum of suspicion.

    If you've done your home work properly then you should have a reasonable view on what is required and an understanding of how they work, their limitations and even how they should be operated and so don't be persuaded by silly claims of astronomical savings.
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    123456 said:
    They have glowing reviews on Trustpilot
    Wow, how unusual, they must be really good :)
    Aren't most reviews on Trustpilot fair and balanced?

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