BT TV Changing Packages (mandatory)

I have searched for info on this but haven't been able to find anything, so, my father has a contract with BT, Phone, TV and Broadband till January next year, BT are changing their TV packages and from 1st of March he will lose access to channels he watches a lot and is being 'forced' to choose another package, the options available are not what he wants, I'm also worried he'll be tied into another 18 month contract if he does this (I have seen some posts on the BT forum where this has happened to a number of their customers.
BT and the information they are showing on their site seems very...minimal, I don't see how they can change the contract in this way, depriving customers of channels, pushing them on to other packages? Surely that's a breach of contract and my Dad should be able to cancel with no early fees and move to a provider that gives him the channels he originally signed up to BT to view?


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    As said separate contracts .
    The TV part can be cancelled if you phone up and say cancellations .
    I dont believe any BT TV contract gave a guarantee on channels .

    Will the service change?

    BT TV is a variable TV service. This means the content you get may change from time to time. We can’t guarantee that BT TV will be able to show, or keep showing, any particular content (like a particular channel or programme). We may change, replace or withdraw any of the channels, TV packages, add-ons, content, service features or third-party services. For example, we might buy a channel from a third party who no longer wants to sell it to us in the future.

    The content we can show may also be different on different devices. For example, the content through a set-top box, the player service and the BT TV app might be different. Also, the content and functions might depend on which device you view the player service on or have the BT TV app on.

    The content you get as part of the service also depends on which BT Broadband service you have. For example, if you’ve got our copper BT Broadband service, you might not be able to view the same content as if you’d had our fibre BT Broadband service. We'll explain this to you when you buy the service. We may also change other things in the service and the agreement at any time. That includes the minimum term, loaned equipment such as your set-top box, and service features.

    We'll tell you about any changes at least 30 days beforehand, unless there are reasons we can’t (for example, if a content provider doesn’t give us enough notice that they’re withdrawing their content). If the change puts you in a significantly worse position, you'll be able to end the agreement without paying a fee. We explain when this may happen in clause 24a of these terms and conditions.

    You may also be able to change your service by contacting us.

    What happens if I buy a number of services from BT?

    If we provide you with more than one service or item of equipment (for example, if you have more than one of BT Sport, BT Mobile, BT TV or BT Broadband), you'll have a separate agreement for each one (and possibly for different items of equipment). Make sure you read each agreement carefully. Although some of the terms are the same or very similar, each agreement has important differences.

  • Beware that if you sign up for one of BT's NowTV packages, it's a 2 year contract, not 18 months.  
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    Yes can confirm that BT Sport  is also a 24 month contract ,just resigned .
  • Hi, my BT Sport contract ends next week. What is the current price on a discounted deal? Thanks in advance. 
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    Its just changed with discount ended .
    3 packages £15   £40   £65

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